Tuesday, November 10, 2009


All the following are out of print. I have some titles available for sale... Feel free to email your enquiries. 

1. Still Waters Deep Waters (Albatross/Lion) (I have some copies available for sale - $20 AUD plus postage) 

2. High Mountains Deep Valleys (Albatross/Lion) 

3. Rivers in the Desert (Albatross/Lion) 

4. Gentle Darkness (Albatross/Lion) 

5. A Garden of Solitude (Albatross/Lion) (This final volume in this series has an index to all five volumes. I have some copies available for sale - $20 AUD plus postage) 

These five books comprise about 300-400+ pages of Scripture, homilies, quotes from spiritual masters and popular writers, prayers and benedictions - on 52 themes in each book. Ideal for individual, couples' or group devotions, for some doctors' and counsellors' waiting-rooms. And - 52 free sermons/devotional talks in each for preachers! An Anglican bishop told me he could prepare a full devotional talk for a seniors' meeting in five minutes - the ideas, scripture, prayer, and benediction were all there in each chapter!

6. Grow! (Meditations and Prayers for New Christians) (JBCE) 

7. Live! (More Meditations and Prayers for Christians) (JBCE) 

Two books with the same format as the Still Waters series, but answering the Big Questions about Christianity (Suffering, Is Ghandi in Heaven? etc.) They are out of print and are not available in bookshops, but most of the chapters are now on the JMM website. I have a few copies for sale. 

8. The Family: At Home in a Heartless World (HarperCollins) Chapters for parents, singles, teenagers, marrieds, grandparents, etc. Same format as for Still Waters. All chapters are in the Family and Relationships section of the JMM website. I have a few copies for sale.

9. The Best of GRID (World Vision). Ten years of World Vision Australia's leadership letters. Articles on stress & burnout, conflict management, time management etc. (Most articles I've written are on our website)

9a. A Hungry Mind (MARC Europe) - various articles from GRID and other sources. (Most articles are on our website)

10. Recent Trends Among Evangelicals (Albatross/ John Mark Ministries). This book's a bit 'hot': suggests evangelicals (like me) are really, at heart, Pharisees. 

11. Sunrise Sunset (HarperCollins). Scripture, meditation and prayer for every day of the year. See the Sunrise Sunset section of the JMM website.

12. Your Church Can Come Alive (JBCE). DVDs available - four-and-a-half hour seminar on the marks of a healthy church. Price: $45 AUD.

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