Tuesday, November 10, 2009

43. POSTSCRIPT - Travel, Music

Some miscellaneous notes:

TRAVEL: When I joined Facebook I was asked to list the countries I've been privileged to visit.
Here they are, roughly in chronological order: Australia, PNG (14x), Philippines, NZ (8-10x), USA(10-12x), Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, UK (10-12x), the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Russia, Fiji, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia about 5-6x), Singapore, Indonesia, Irian Jaya (before it became part of Indonesia), Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, Taiwan, Noumea, New Caledonia, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island (the latter two self-governing islands needed me to take a passport) and, I think, two or three more, when I remember them!).

Best airport? Pittsburgh (because of the beautiful classical music - I've not experienced that anywhere else).

MUSIC: I can still remember where I was - in the Davis's lounge-room - when I first heard the second movement of Beethoven's pathetique piano sonata. And on a school excursion at the Sydney Town Hall when I first experienced a couple of exciting overtures by Mr Crescendo, Rossini. Some music still sends shivers up my spine, like Allegri's 17th century Miserere with its renowned top-C solo.


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